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Meet Diamond | DSH

Meet Diamond | DSH

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Down by the Bayou, in New Orleans,
Where the fans scream “WHO DAT” there was a Black n Gold Team,
They weren’t always the best but they made their city proud,
And all of their fans, cheered together out loud. Excerpt from The Little WHO DAT, Who Didn't By Alex McConduit

All of our InthekNOwlians know what team is referenced in the quote to the left. And although they’ve had a little negative press over the last few weeks, TRUE Saints fan will always bleed Black and Gold no matter what! But we digress…
Like many of the Local Artist Spotlights on InthekNOwla, Alexander (aka Alex) McConduit embodies the kNOwla Trinity™ fully: Born, raised, and still here. A product of St. Leo the Great Elementary, Marian Central Catholic Middle School, St. Augustine High School, Loyola University, and a little bit of the University of New Orleans, Mr. McConduit IS New Orleans.
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There are only two seasons in New Orleans: hot or cold. When the cold comes (or what us New Orleanians call “cold”), all you hear is us saying we can’t wait ‘til the hot comes. And when that hot comes…lawd have mercy…it’s half the time too damn hot to do anything. But we all know that the hotter it gets, the more nervous we become and rightfully so with hurricane season lasting from hot (June) to hotter (July) to everything’s-melting-it’s-so-hot (August) to it’s-hot-but-we-can-deal-with-it (September, October, and November). Six months of uncertainty and fear, false alarms and close calls…but hey, us InthekNOwlians are well versed in this area.


However, what many InthekNOwlians are not aware of during hurricane season is the availability of free, public evacuation called the City-Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP) available to residents of Orleans parish who meet certain criteria in the event of a mandatory hurricane evacuation. The CAEP provides New Orleanians with designated facilities to get their families out safely, comfortably, and as humanly possible during an inevitably stressful time.

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Artist Spotlight: A Talk with Allen Dejan

Editor's Note: Growing up in New Orleans one things for sure; you get to meet and know very interesting people. I had the pleasure of knowing Allen prior to him becoming a famous musician and I can say that he hasn't changed much. 

To this day he remains the same humble passionate soul I knew in my younger years. Fame has not gone to his head at all. recently sat down with Allen and this is what he had to say.

What was it like growing up in New Orleans? What were your early influences?

"My family. My mother, my father. I grew up in a very musical family. My mom studied music, she did musical theater, my father went to Juilliard in New York. I also had two uncles that were professional musicians. They didn't throw music on me, I grew up around it, I was immersed in it. It was inevitable that I would become a musician."

What instruments do you play?

"Well I primarily play Saxophone and Clarinet. I dabble on Flute, not very well but I can get the job done. Mostly the woodwind instruments as opposed to the brass instruments. I also play a little piano. Although most of my work is done on the saxophone, I also have an equal passion for the Clarinet."

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Living in New Orleans is like being in a movie half the time…lord knows the setting is perfect, we got characters for days, and things that happen could be scenes out of a movie with you as the director putting everything together and combining it to make your life…uh yeah…

With that being said, you would think that it’s easy being a director. Hell, we star in our own movies everyday, right? But wait one minute, just because you can direct your own life (be it good or bad) doesn’t mean that you take the settings, characters, and scenes of someone else and make it just as good. And for that, we have someone to handle all those little details for you, our new Local Artist Spotlight, Director David S. White of Evil Penguin Films.

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Our culture wouldn't exist without it's many talented artists. And was privileged to chat with one of those artists, photographer Kevin O'Mara.

Now, Kevin O'Mara is not your typical photographer. Don't expect to find any family portraits, or bridal photos, or stills of roses or sunsets. Instead, Kevin's photos run the gamut from, "What a beautiful photo," to "Well, how interesting," to "Hmmm, that's strange!," to "Where in the hell did he get that idea from?" His photos easily draw you into an alternate universe through the eyes of Kevin O'Mara.

In his younger years, Kevin always felt the need to express himself creatively, but he never really found a medium that he was comfortable with. After high school, he thought about attending art school. Instead, he decided to go to business school, albeit with a deep yearning to express himself creatively. Later, he took up photography as a hobby and realized soon after that he could use it as an outlet to allow his imagination to run wild.

"You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words," exclaims Kevin. "I used to carry around a camera to take snapshots and I thought to myself that I could use this to do something. I could use photography to tell a story. So I experimented with it and the first time I got what I wanted, it felt great, intoxicating even. The more I played around with photography the more I realized I had a knack for it"

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