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Love IntheNOLA: Kelly and Andrea Fiorella

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There’s no more Mardi Gras for another 365 days, but there’s still more #LoveIntheNOLA to share!
Kelly and Andrea Fiorella
With the best fried chicken in the city (as confirmed at last year’s Fried Chicken Festival), we at IntheNOLA make our way to The Original Fiorellas’ Café (5325 Franklin Ave.) in Gentilly at least once a week. 
And where there is fried chicken, there’s got to be love! Andrea and Kelly Fiorella know all about that!
“Our actual meeting was by chance,” said Andrea. “Upon visiting home, my sister and I went to Club Ceasar’s on the Westbank. When we arrived, Kelly was there sitting at the bar with a Heineken in hand. My sister introduced us to each other and Kelly bought me my favorite brew; we’ll coin that ‘the first move.’”
She continued, “We began to talk about Terrance Trent D’Arby’s ‘Sign Your Name’ as it was playing and we realized from that conversation that we had a great deal in common musically. That night, we became inseparable; we danced and almost closed the club! He called me the next day for a date and I happily accepted. We went to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse and we still go there to celebrate monumental moments. We never forget to bring up where we first sat and what we first ate. We remain inseparable!”
In true New Orleans fashion, Andrea and Kelly got married in the perfect place…in Champions Square right before a Saints and Falcons football game! “We were married the day after the Fried Chicken Fest where The Orginial Fiorellas’ Café had won Best Fried Chicken! We popped up on the stairs to the Superdome surrounded by family, friends, and many fellow Saints fans and said our I do’s!”
And even though the Saints lost to the Falcons that day, there’s no lost love for Andrea and Kelly!
“Kelly is such a pleasure to be around and he has a kind heart,” said Andrea. “His intentions are honest and he aims to please. He is my best friend.”
Kelly concluded, “Andrea has a beautiful mind, is extremely intelligent and honest and gives it to me straight! And not to mention, she’s absolutely gorgeous!”  
The following questions may or may not have started any arguments…
Best Cook?
Andrea: Kelly, no brainer!
Takes Longer to Get Ready?
Kelly: Andrea, no brainer!
Kelly: Without a doubt, Andrea. Remember, she gives it to me straight!
More Organized?
Kelly: Andrea. I believe her brain works in compartments!
Says “I’m sorry” first?
Andrea: Kelly, for sure. He usually messes up anyway!
Better Driver?
Andrea: Kelly drives like an old man. He stops at yellow lights and won’t make a right on red even if there’s a sign that states it’s permitted.
Kelly: If you’re trying to get somewhere fast, ride with Andrea. If you want to get there safely and unnerved, ride with me. 
Things to Do?
Andrea & Kelly: We love to eat out, laugh, have daiquiris, and listen to good music.  We also like having concerts at home (karaoke or not)!
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Last modified on Thursday, 02 March 2017
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