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Love IntheNOLA: Arnold Baker and Tracee Dundas

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For the past few years, we’ve brought you some of the greatest love stories of all time: Ayo and Stella Scott, Jeff and Reagan Charleston, Camille Whitworth and Daniel Victory, and Bella Blue and Ajay Strong, just to name a few. 
And 2017’s no different. We’re celebrating #LoveIntheNOLA all month with our second couple, Mr. Arnold Baker and Ms. Tracee Dundas!
Arnold Baker and Tracee Dundas
We’ve heard that behind every well-dressed man, there’s an even better dressed woman. And in the case of Arnold Baker, owner of Baker Ready Mix, and Tracee Dundas, founder and producer of New Orleans Fashion Week, you can imagine the levels of “best dressed” is off the charts with these two!
​Even though Arnold and Tracee are two busy entrepreneurs, they still found time for love.

“Let’s go with my version,” explained Arnold. ​“After several months of stalking me down, supposedly to provide fashion production services, a mutual business acquaintance scheduled an introduction meeting with myself and Tracee. Although after that meeting, she thought I was arrogant and nauseously confident, I contacted my mom that same evening and told her that I had met the woman that I was going to marry. However, there was one small complication…she clearly did not like me. Nonetheless, after a few years and a few proposals, she finally realized the error of her ways and conceded.”
“I have to clarify one thing – I never stalked him!” laughed Tracee. “Other than that, his version is true…for the most part!”
Arnold added, “Tracee is the yin to my yang. She’s my everything. Period.”
Tracee seconded, “Arnold is the yang to my yin. My everything. Period.”
The following questions may or may not have started any arguments…
Best Cook?
Tracee: ​Given the fact that HE almost burned the house down by leaving a pizza box in the oven causing massive smoke throughout the house that left a lingering burnt popcorn smell for several days, I would say I get the trophy for the best cook! Now, it’s questionable if he’ll ever be allowed to order pizza again!
Arnold: No comment.  
Takes Longer to Get Ready?
Arnold: ​I can get ready in 10 minutes, hands down! I’ve got it down to a science.
Tracee: This may be true, however, he always seems to forget something as we’re heading out the door and he has to run back for it. Doesn’t that make me the winner here?

Tracee & Arnold: Neither. We’re a team We know each other’s strengths and we allow that person to lead.
More Organized?
Arnold: Tracee is more organized, but I’m a better organizer.
Says “I’m sorry first? 
Tracee: That would be me.
Better Driver?
Arnold: I love driving and taking long road trips, so I’d have to say me.
Tracee: I'm a defensive driver; I’m very cognizant of my surroundings. And some would say that makes me an excellent backseat driver too.
Things to Do?
Arnold & Tracee: ​ We are foodies, festies, and besties and we love just hanging out together. You may spot us anywhere, from a Saints football game to the Polo Lounge to Crescent Park​!

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 February 2017
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