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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas: Tracie Tervalon of TraElle Salon Exclusive

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With Mother’s Day on the horizon (this Sunday, May 8!), IntheNOLA’s been celebrating some of our favorite #NOLAMamas!
Tracie Tervalon (TraElle Salon Exclusive), Abigail (aka Abby; 3 years old), and Alcide (aka Four; 4 months old)
Mrs. Tracie Tervalon is a celebrity of sorts in New Orleans. As a highly sought after hair stylist and owner of her own salon, TraElle Salon Exclusive in Gentilly, if you ask a New Orleans woman “who cut her hair” or “who did her hair,” it’s very likely that Tracie and her salon will be part of that conversation!
Aside from keeping the women of New Orleans and their hair together (just ask our editor, she’s been in Tracie’s chair a time or two herself!), Tracie is also keeping her little ones, daughter Abigail and son Alcide, together!
Raising these two in New Orleans is a pleasure for Tracie. “To be a mom in New Orleans…boy, where do I start?!” she smiled. “First things first, teaching our children the value of respect and love is always high on the list outside of academics. Second, there’s so much history here; knowledge of the city is such a high expectation. Where their ancestors were born and how they used to live are huge to me because they need to know where they come from in order to know where they are going. Being a NOLA mom also means showing them the fun stuff like going to parades, hanging with their ‘couzans’ in the backyard, and learning to cook red beans and rice along with all the other traditional dishes of our city. I enjoyed being in the kitchen with my mom and grandmothers, and in return, I hope that my two will enjoy it as well. Abby is already asking me, ‘Mommy, can I help? Can I stir? What’s that?,’ when she sees me putting seasoning into a pot.”
Three-year-old Abigail and four-month-old Alcide have a tight hold on mama’s heart. “Abby is my little mini me! She's a firestarter with all the personality of her a sixteen-year- old!” she laughed. “She cracks me up with her naturally New Orleans responses, saying ‘pray for me’ as my mom heads to church or calling my grandmother by her first name if she isn’t paying attention to her! It’s so stinking cute; you can’t help but laugh! My baby boy, Four, is the chunkiest, happiest, and greediest little guy I have ever laid eyes on! He is already turning over and trying to sit up on his own. I smile just thinking of them being happy, giving them all of our love and attention, and thinking of those hugs and smiles.”
For parents in New Orleans, where to educate our children can be a stressful decision, but luckily, Tracie has found the perfect place for her family. “We were so lucky to find a home at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Lakeview,” Tracie explained. “Abby started at St. Paul’s in August 2015 and we were so excited for her to begin her journey at the home of the Panthers. As we were choosing and touring the different schools that our community had to offer, we felt that St. Paul’s offered an academic regimen that would help in nurturing our daughter as well as helping her grow socially. She has excelled at St. Paul’s and we are so proud of her and her teachers for what they have accomplished with her. And we’re also proud to say that Four will be following in her footsteps starting August 2016.”
Even though she’s the owner of a busy salon, a wife, and mother, Tracie’s ‘mom guilt’ of being a working mother is almost non-existent. “I usually don’t feel bad when I’m going to work because I always make sure to have time for my bambinos,” she said. “Even on a Saturday, I’m usually home by 3:00pm and running around with Abby! Four at this age doesn’t realize that I’m not home yet, but I love to love on him! The woes of feeling guilty never cross my mind because I know I do it all for them! My husband steps in and is super dad, taking them here and there on Saturdays. Sundays are family day! We hang out, cook, and enjoy family!”
Tracie concluded, “Being a mother is never a easy job! Trying to find a balance is the key to making it all work and you can never turn down help. With that being said, I want to thank my awesome husband for helping me balance it all. I am a mother, daughter, friend, business owner, and wife, all of which I am proud to be having him by my side!”
Here are some of Tracie, Abby, and Four’s favorites:
Favorite Park
Tracie: On a beautiful Sunday, we love to head to City Park across from the swings in the big open “Quad” as I call it! We bring bubbles, toys, blankets, snacks, and of course, Abby’s 4-wheeler. While Four and I lay out and cuddle, Daddy and Abby are playing “Bubble Pop” or scooting around on her 4-wheeler.”
Favorite Snowball Stand
Tracie: Hands down, Hansen’s snowballs are our complete favorites when we can get there!
Favorite Restaurant
Tracie: Katie’s is our favorite little eatery. It’s family-friendly and we always recognize a few faces when we go. Abby’s first experience there was throwing a saucer across the room after I had been properly warned by my husband that it would happen! It was gone before I could reach for it! 
Other Favorite Things to Do
Tracie: Festivals! I am a diehard festival-goer during festival season! Now that I have two kids, it’s time to think about how to get them out there comfortably and let them enjoy New Orleans in all its glory! Four may be a tad bit young, but that’s not a worry for my husband as he will surely strap him up in the Baby Bjorn carrier! 

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Last modified on Monday, 02 May 2016
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