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Local Mother’s Day gifts: ‘Color Your Way Through New Orleans,’ a coloring book of New Orleans for adults

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Even though it’s Jazz Fest season in New Orleans, we can’t forget about an uber-important holiday coming up in a few weeks, where we’re gonna be celebrating all the NOLA mamas! So, if you’re looking for a gift for that special woman in your life, we’re featuring a few of our favorite products over the next few weeks (and be sure to check out our Movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas column)!
Rachael Beck of Color Your Way Through NOLA
We think it’s safe to assume that unless you have young children, most of us (adults, that is) haven’t colored in a very, very, very long time. So we were instantly intrigued when we came across not only LOCAL coloring books of New Orleans scenes, but coloring books for ADULTS.
Launched in 2015 by Rachael Beck, Color Your Way Through New Orleans features twenty different pages of New Orleans scenes just waiting for you to add some color to them!
“My inspiration for Color Your Way Through New Orleans comes from several places,” explained Rachael. “First, the benefits of adult coloring have become widely known and publicized. Second, my job as a certified child life specialist in a pediatric emergency room has given me years of witnessing stress melt away as parents and children color together. Third, with my tiny army of 5 children, ages 10 and under, we spend A LOT of time at the kitchen table with coloring books and crayons, maybe more time than I want! I enjoy being with my children, but how many more children’s characters can I stand to color? No more, please! I wanted something of my own to color.”

She continued, “I can draw, so I pitched the idea of a local coloring book to one of my many supportive sisters. I knew it would be of New Orleans before I even started drawing. I grabbed my 9-year-old’s sketchpad and a pencil from my 7-year-old’s book bag, and stood at the counter to draw and the book started to take shape. Just like I knew the book would be of New Orleans, I also knew it must be high quality and since it was for adults, I wanted it to be lovely. Business was slow initially, but then it proved difficult to keep enough books printed at Christmas! All in all, we’ve sold about 2,500 books!”
Printed on high quality card stock and spiral bound to lay flat, Color Your Way Through New Orleans contains 20 pages of different New Orleans scenes. “The Crescent City Connection, snowballs, St. Louis Cathedral, Roman Candy, Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium, and Mardi Gras are just a few of the scenes in the book. Customers consistently say the snowball page is their favorite. My favorite is the po-boy…no the red beans…no the pelican. Yes, the pelican page is my favorite…I think!”

“In addition, we have several sets of note cards designed from the pages of the book. They are beautiful uncolored, or you can choose to color them. After several months of sales, we got consistent requests for a lower cost version of the book. Customers wanted to buy them for their children as well, so we created a lower cost version with the same artwork. We also have another book in progress that we’ll be launching sometime in the future.”
For those of you who are skeptical about an adult coloring book, Rachael says, “Now’s the time to try it out and have a little fun! Creativity helps relax the mind! There are many articles by psychiatrists stating the benefits adults get from coloring. Best case is that you discover a new way to enjoy time alone or with your children. You may even end up with a piece of artwork worthy of framing!”

For more information about Color Your Way Through New Orleans, visit the website and Facebook
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Last modified on Friday, 29 April 2016
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