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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom: Couponing failure

Written by  Megan Braden-Perry
Editor’s note: It is my pleasure to introduce Megan Braden-Perry as IntheNOLA’s newest contributor of Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom! Join Megan as she journeys her way through raising a child IntheNOLA.
Even if you love saving money and maybe enjoy clipping coupons, like me, you still might not be couponer material. When a friend added me to the Couponing with Nikki Facebook group, I let my competitive nature and tendency to overachieve shine. Not only did I want to save a buck by clipping “Qs,” but I also wanted to impress the girls with my “hauls.” “Wow! That Megan just joined the group and she’s exclusively breastfeeding her newborn, but she is killing the game right now,” I imagined they’d say in private messages. They’d be jealous for sure. Ha! That never happened. Not even close. Fast forward a few months and I was kicked out of the group for inactivity. Couponing proved to be too stressful for me, with little return on my time investment.
I’d given up my newspaper subscriptions since I never had time to read them -- when they actually delivered them and when they weren’t stolen -- so I’d have to walk down the street to the blue store on St. Bernard and Broad to buy a paper. Once, I’d just missed a shooting. When I’d get the paper, I’d spend hours clipping coupons and writing down prices for Walmart price matching. Then I’d rewrite everything into a list by aisle so I didn’t have to constantly traverse the store. By the time I’d have the list and coupons together, I’d end up hitting traffic and screaming at my crying baby in the car seat. (PPMDs are so real.)
In the store was worse. At the Gentilly Woods Walmart (do not go to that disgusting place), the checker wouldn’t let me show her my phone with the ad I was price matching. She asked if I knew I bought a roast (WTF?) and she asked if the baby -- who I was carrying on my chest in an Ergobaby -- was mine. (I called corporate and they said I had to go back to the Gentilly Woods Walmart to get a $20 apology gift card. When I did, there was a huge glob of spit on the ground in the produce section.) At the River Ridge Winn-Dixie, a senior citizen asked if I shaved my lady parts. Bruh.
And when you check out with several coupons and are trying to price match, you’re that person no one likes. Luckily I look like a teen mom sometimes, so I think people feel sorry for me and stay quiet.
So after trying for a bit, I gave up on the couponing lifestyle. I still know great ways to save though.
1. Shop at Winn-Dixie, but make sure you download the app and join the customer rewards club and Baby Club. I save so much money there, especially with their What-a-Deals where you get four three things with the purchase of two others. And since Blue Bell is gone, I’ve tried their Prestige ice cream and think it’s comparable to Ben & Jerry’s!
2. Link your Winn-Dixie card to a Fuel Rewards card (sign up online). You’ll save at least three cents per gallon and you can even link your MasterCard to it for more savings.
3. Use the Ibotta app. It’s an easy rebate app. I’ve tried Saving Star and Checkout 51, but I like Ibotta the best because it’s usually for any item.
4. Get a Target Red Card (there’s one that just links to your bank account so it’s not a credit card) to save 5 percent and download Cartwheel to save even more.
Be sure to follow Megan on her website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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Last modified on Friday, 21 August 2015
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