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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom: Meet Megan, Franklin, Grant, and Ellington!

Written by  Megan Braden-Perry
Editor’s note: It is my pleasure to introduce Megan Braden-Perry as IntheNOLA’s newest contributor of Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom! Join Megan as she journeys her way through raising a child IntheNOLA.
Hi! I’m Megan Braden-Perry and I’m honored to take over IntheNOLA’s Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom column! When I was growing up, I loved reading books about New Kids on the Block and my favorite part was always the Vital Statistics pages. So I’ll share some basic facts about my son, my husband, my cat, and myself below.
Capone Family Vital Statistics
Megan Braden-Perry
Birthday: April 30, 1985.
Hometown: New Orleans 7th Ward (Born, raised, still here!).
Favorite foods: Tacos from Taqueria Corona, tamales from Mamita’s Hot Tamales, paneed veal from Oak Oven, sushi from Daiwa or Cherry Blossom, combination banh mi from Mr. Bubbles.
Favorite drinks: Mexican Daisy from Felipe’s, anything from Richard Fiske’s Martini Bar, Swamp Pop.
Job: Freelance writer, formerly of Gambit and | The Times-Picayune. Author of children’s book Allen the Alligator Counts Through New Orleans and GNO Snow, a book about snowballs slated for release in 2016. I’m also a stay-at-home mom.
Hobbies: Research through local libraries’ databases, cooking, eating, napping with Wiggly (Franklin), watching TV with the husband.
Favorite quotes: “Slow and steady wins the race.”- Aesop, “For every one that I lose, I bounce back with two.”- Soulja Slim
Franklin Michael Capone
Birthday: June 17, 2014.
Born at: Touro Hospital with Dr. DuTreil.
Favorite foods: Mom’s milk, Ella’s Kitchen’s Nibbly Fingers, fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, sliced bread.
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite toys: Cloud B bunny, Lamaze toys, Scout laptop, Little Tikes lawnmower, Poppity Pop Dino
Current trick: Animal noises
Grant Michael Capone
Birthday: March 14, 1985.
Hometown: New Orleans, Uptown.
Favorite foods: Cane’s, meat, popcorn, wife’s cooking (wife wrote this).
Job: Second grade teacher at George Cox on the Westbank.
Hobbies: Home brewing (2nd place at New Orleans on Tap!), dehydrating food, video games, TV, playing with Franklin.
 Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom: Meet Megan, Franklin, Grant, and Ellington! |
Ellington Jabir Carmichael Capone
Birthday: November 4, 2005 but was adopted from the SPCA December 17, 2008.
Hometown: New Orleans, Algiers.
Favorite foods: Franklin’s cheesy treats, Franklin’s corn on the cob, whipped cream.
Favorite drinks: Toilet water, condensation from cups, water in cups found around the house.
Favorite place to nap: Franklin’s high chair, changing table, diaper box, sofa.
Be sure to follow Megan on her website, Facebook, and Instagram!
Last modified on Monday, 27 July 2015
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