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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas: Jolie Bensen Hamilton of Jolie and Elizabeth

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Mother’s Day might be over, but we’re not done celebrating our NOLA mamas. We’re celebrating those mama movers and shakers the whole month of May!
Jolie Bensen Hamilton and Georgia Avery, 16 months
Local entrepreneur Jolie Bensen Hamilton of Jolie and Elizabeth (all clothing is designed, inspired, and manufactures right here IntheNOLA!) welcomed baby girl Georgia Avery sixteen months ago.
“The most exciting thing about being a mother is being able to act like a kid again,” Jolie said. “Having the smallest things make you happy and actively using your imagination all make being a mother exciting. The scariest part might be the very strong inner feeling to protect at all times, which can also bring your imagination to extremes!”
As a mommy of a growing toddler, Jolie enjoys taking Georgia all around New Orleans. “The Fly is wonderful. Seeing the big boats on the open gran Mississippi River can be breathtaking and exciting! The Farmers Markets are my second favorite; different faces, colors, and textures of all the fresh produce.”
With growing babies, some mamas may certainly feel how much they are becoming like their own mothers and Jolie is no different! “When I’m on a cleaning spree, I think, ‘This is just like Mom!’ Then I remind myself of how I turned out , so she must have done something right!”
For those future mamas, Jolie suggests that you “spend lots of time outdoors: front porches, walks, exploring new areas, gardens. Babies are much calmer outdoors. Throw down a blanket and let them just crawl and play around a few times a week. It’ll do wonders for their soul.” 
Jolie concluded, “Georgia’s also been learning Baby Sign Language and even just a few signs every day for babies will allow for communication to begin, make your life easier, and trigger stimulation in their minds from an early age. The other night, Georgia said in sign language, ‘Mommy, pretty dress!’ and I was floored! She put three signs together on her own and managed to melt my heart at the same time!”

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Last modified on Thursday, 14 May 2015
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