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Gentilly’s Munch Factory is New Orleans’ official ‘Millennial Restaurant Destination’

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…we LOVE The Munch Factory. Owned and operated by local New Orleanians Chef Jordan Ruiz and his wife, Alexis (and we can’t forget their son, Dominic), The Munch Factory has been taking over the stomachs of New Orleanians for the last three years.
Last month, the second annual Millennial Awards honored “the dynamic young professionals in the greater New Orleans area who have made significant contributions through public service.” New to this year’s awards was the Millennial Restaurant Destination award, where “ten top New Orleans restaurants created a ‘millennial-inspired dish’” and The Munch Factory came out on top with their braised short ribs over herb grits with bread pudding.
“We were FLOORED when we heard our name called as the winner of the Millennial Restaurant Destination award because there was some stiff competition and all of the dishes were so good!” said Alexis. “So for us to be recognized meant the world to us. Everything we do is from the heart and we put a lot of thought into our dish and made it with a lot of love, and that is why we were so honored that people could see and appreciate what we do with food.”
She continued, “It almost feels surreal because the Millennials are the future of the city, so to be named the Millennial Restaurant Destination in the food capital of America makes us feel like we are leaving a mark and an impact on the city we love so much. Nothing is better than getting validation when you do something you love to do. It's like, ‘Yes, they get it! I was right to follow my dreams!’”
The Munch Factory has certainly seen great growth since opening three years ago. After first opening on Franklin Ave., The Munch Factory moved into a bigger and better space on Elysian Fields in 2012. “We’ve had so many rewards over the last three years. The biggest reward for us is putting something you love into the world and having people respond even better than you could hope. The fact that our business has been built on word of mouth means that we got people talking, not an easy feat in the industry and city we are in. The other HUGE reward has been the gratitude and love that we feel from Gentilly and the whole area. People thank us for being there and we thank them for coming. It’s a humbling circle of gratitude and we like to believe that we have been a small force in people recognizing what a special place Gentilly is. And there is also the huge reward of creative freedom. As a chef, you can try new things every day and get immediate feedback. It feels good!”
In addition to the new space, Chef Jordan and Alexis have also had another addition to their family with their baby girl Juliette. “Our newest little muncher is Juliette Ruiz or as her brother calls her, Baby Girlie. She is the sweetest baby and at two months old, we can already tell she will be a foodie. When she smells food, she starts smacking her little mouth! Though she can't enjoy Munch yet, she is happy to smell it and we are looking forward to her growing up in the restaurant as her brother has.” 
Be sure to check out The Munch Factory the next time you’re in Gentilly…you will NOT be disappointed!

The Munch Factory
6325 Elysian Fields Ave.
NOLA 70122
(504) 324-5372
Tues-Fri: 11:30am-9:00pm, Sat 5:00pm-9:00pm
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Last modified on Monday, 25 August 2014
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