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Meet Caprica | DSH

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First time NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: Artist Varion Laurent

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching (that’s right, this Sunday, June 15!). And to celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different first time NOLA daddy each day this week!
Varion and Francesca Terese Laurent, 5 months
Those of you who know Varion Laurent, know that when he’s around, expect constant ribbing, laughing, and just down right fun!
With Varion around, there’s never a dull moment and now that he’s become a father to five-month old Francesca Terese, we know that she’s definitely keeping him on his toes!
Like our previous first-time NOLA daddies, Varion can’t quite contain his excitement of being a father. “Each day trumps the previous day in regards to my excitement with fatherhood,” Varion said. “My wife, Erin, and I are literally watching the lights turn on inside her mind with her conversations in baby talk while being fully engaged and making eye contact. It’s exciting to see how observant she is, trying to process it all. When she does start talking, I know that she will be loaded with questions.”
He continued, “I can have a rough day and look into those grey eyes and she'll smile and immediately I'm at ease. This whole journey of fatherhood is teaching me so much not only about my daughter, but myself as well. I find myself sounding more and more like my father!”
Although Varion finds excitement in being a father, he’s also experienced some scary moments as well. “Erin and I have been blessed with a child that has been free from any major illnesses to date. My heart goes out to parents that have certain complications with their newborns, because as a dedicated father and protector, there is a no more helpless feeling than watching your child suffer. As a newborn, Francesca had jaundice and she had to receive light therapy to remove it from her system. Once the doctors explained that jaundice is a common condition in newborns, we were comforted in the fact that there were no medical procedures needed beyond the 8 hours of treatment. But still, the hardest thing was seeing her under that light with her eyes covered. I'm so glad that's over!”
Varion is looking forward to the many “firsts” that Francesca will have, from her first steps to her first Hansen's snowball. But what he looks forward to the most "is being her first example of what a man is and more importantly how he cares for and treats a woman. There is no greater responsibility than being a father to a little girl, especially in this day and age. It's my job to empower her and make sure she has a strong sense of self and understands that she can create the best life for herself by making the best choices in life.”
And for those future NOLA dads? “My only advice for those becoming fathers in the future is be present and engaged in your child's life. It's the greatest responsibility and the most rewarding one as well. I can say that because I see how proud both my parents and in-laws are of each of us. Making the people you love the most proud of you is a feeling that never grows old.”
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Last modified on Friday, 13 June 2014
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