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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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First time NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: Jason Burns of QCS Logistics

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching (that’s right, this Sunday, June 15!). And to celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different first time NOLA daddy each day this week!
Jason Sr. with twins Jason Jr. (JJ) and Jordyn (JoJo) Burns, 12 weeks
If one bundle of joy wasn’t enough for you yesterday, don’t worry, because today’s featured first-time NOLA daddy has TWO bundles of joys! Yep, twins!
Twelve weeks ago, Jason Burns of QCS Logistics, welcomed Jason (JJ) and Jordyn (JoJo)…and we thought we weren’t getting any sleep over here in the IntheNOLA house!
With new babies, it’s certainly a whole new world waiting for new dads. “The most exciting part of fatherhood is the indescribable feeling of joy and completeness that I experience when I hold the twins together in my arms,” said Jason. “At the same time, the scariest was simply having to leave them for a week when I traveled on business. My wife couldn't believe I was having separation anxiety!”
Like any good New Orleans man, Jason already has football on the brain! “The twins are still very young, so we haven't really explored the city yet with them, but I'm really looking forward to taking my son to his first St. Aug. football game and my daughter to, well, her first St. Aug. game, too. Hey, it's in our blood!”
For those future fathers, Jason “would encourage them to stop worrying like I did and just dive in 100% when that special day arrives. I didn't know what I was doing at first (and probably still don't) but there's no wrong way to love your children. Yes, your life will never be the same, but it's honestly the purest form of love, joy, and happiness you'll ever experience!”
And we can’t forget the moms! Jason said, “No matter what your relationship is with your child's mother (wife, significant other, etc.), it is imperative that we always treat them with respect and love because the sacrifices they make are the work of a saint! I want my son and daughter to know how much my wife means to me through both my words and actions.”
Check out our other first time daddies:
Jeff Gonzales of
Last modified on Wednesday, 11 June 2014
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