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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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First time NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: Quintin Good of Purple Monkey Design

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching (that’s right, this Sunday, June 15!). And to celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different first time NOLA daddy each day this week!
Quintin and Lyla Jane Good, 4 months
Most of you are pretty familiar with our NOLA Trinity t-shirts. We have the Born, Raised, Still Here for those native New Orleanians and the Came, Loved, Stayed Here for those who just couldn’t leave. Lucky for us, we have a fantastic local business to make our NOLA Trinity t-shirts by the name of Purple Monkey Design.
One of the owners of Purple Monkey Design and a good friend of ours, Quintin Good, will be celebrating his Father’s Day this year with his beautiful four-month old baby girl, Lyla Jane Good.
“The most exciting part about being a father to me is the instant overwhelming love I feel for her,” said Quintin. “At the same time, the scariest part is her safety. I’m always concerned about making sure that she’s safe and comfortable.”
You can catch people wearing Purple Monkey Design t-shirts all over the city, from festivals and fundraisers to local businesses and sports groups. For Quintin, he’s looking forward to showing little Miss Lyla Jane all the places you might find Purple Monkey Design shirts. “I can’t wait to share with her the rich music and food culture of the city. We already enjoy walks along the river, so I’m especially looking forward to taking her on the street car to Audubon Park.”
For those on the journey to fatherhood, Quintin said, “Fatherhood is like sailing; It's like sailing, terrifying and exciting at the same time! You also occasionally get wet. Dive right in!”
Quintin concluded, “You just have to make sure to enjoy every moment. They are only little babies that you can snuggle with for a short amount of time, so you got to get all the snuggling in that you can.”
Check out our other first time daddies:
Jeff Gonzales of
Jason Burns Sr. of QCS Logistics
Last modified on Wednesday, 11 June 2014
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