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Where They At: A Lesson in Bounce

Written by Staff

(InthekNOwla) -- The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

InthekNOwla is tired tonight. We getting too old to be doing all this. If you grew up in New Orleans, then you definitely know who DJ Jubilee is and what his music can make your body do. Tonight felt like the 90s again...the McDonogh 35, McMain, St. Aug, and St. Mary’s talent shows, the after-parties at Gernon Brown, dances at the Legion Hall, the Autocrat, the Bonaparte, St. Marks, the Riverboat Hallelujah.

Remember this one:

We gettin’ it ready, gettin’ it ready, gettin’ it ready ready!

Or this one right here:

I want a white t-shirt, some khaki pants, some All-Stars and some money for the dance!

And this one too:

My hot girl and yo hot girl, sittin’ by the bayou. My hot girl told yo hot girl, I gotta hot boy dat is fire!

Well, we heard all this tonight and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Sounds a little strange, huh? A New Orleans Bounce artist performing at an art museum? Are you sure, InthekNOwla? Yes, we are more than sure. DJ Jubilee had the crowd walkin’ it like a dog, backin’ that thang up, and so on and so forth.

For the next several months, the Ogden is showcasing “Where They At: New Orleans Bounce and Hip-Hop in Words and Pictures.” "Over the course of 18 months, photographer Aubrey Edwards and journalist Alison Fensterstock photographed and interviewed more than 40 rappers, DJs, producers, label and record store owners from the New Orleans bounce and hip-hop music scene” (Ogden Events). The result is an amazing compilation of the history of bounce music, from Warren Mayes and his song, “Git It Girl” to Big Freedia and the emergence of “sissy bounce.”

For New Orleanians, these artists are celebrities: DJ Jimi, Everlasting Hitman, TT Tucker, Cheeky Blakk, and Partners ‘N’ Crime to name a few. Walking around the fourth floor (where the exhibition is housed), among the greats of New Orleans Bounce and hip hop music, filled us with so much pride. For years, New Orleans music was relegated to the background, but the Ogden has put it front and center for ALL to experience and enjoy: black, white, rich, poor, uptown, downtown, and everything in between.

As part of the exhibition opening, DJ Jubilee talked to the audience about his thoughts on the New Orleans music scene. Now remember, DJ Jubilee is just one part of the man, Jerome Temple. Not only is he one of the pioneers of Bounce music, but he divides his time between teaching special education children, coaching basketball, baseball, and football, volunteering, and continuing to perform and promote Bounce music as much as possible. In fact, this was DJ Jubilee’s 796th performance over his 15 year career...and let me tell you something, this performance was just as fantastic as the first one we saw more than 10 years ago at a talent show in high school. And with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

As a New Orleanian, you MUST see this exhibit. No excuses. So, be sure to check out “Where They At: New Orleans Bounce and Hip-Hop in Words and Pictures” exhibit at the Ogden Museum. It runs from April 22 until July 25, 2010. You’ll feel yourself sliding back in time, singing old tunes, doing old dances. This is OUR music, OUR culture, OUR past, OUR present, and hopefully OUR FUTURE.


See the image gallery from "Where They At" HERE!

Last modified on Thursday, 24 June 2010
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