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The Native’s Guide to Shopping: Fifteen22 Boutique, Ele Shoes and Accessories, and Baggage Boutique

Written by
With the last Native’s Guide to Shopping, IntheNOLA took you to Oak St.’s local boutique, Abeille NOLA to give you three looks, ranging from the fun and flirty to the sexy and casual.
The newest Native’s Guide to Shopping is filled to the brim with clothing, shoes, and accessories from local boutiques, Fifteen 22 Boutique, Ele Shoes & Accessories, and Baggage Boutique as R&B singer/songwriter Kourtney Heart and stylist Armande Patterson traipsed around the city searching for the perfect looks to complement Kourtney’s personality and style (which they found, of course), showing that all your fashion needs can be met right here in our city!
For the latest trends and styles in women’s clothing, look no further than Fifteen 22 Boutique. Opened in April 2011 by Christine Bordenave, Fifteen 22 Boutique focuses on the everyday confidant woman with sizes ranging from small to 3XL. “I have a few party pieces going now and cute short dresses as well as staple pieces that you can wear casual, dress it up, wear it to work or church,” Christine said.
Specializing in shoes, Ele Shoes & Accessories, founded by sisters Celeste Mikes and Adele Ralston in 2005, has it all…from dressy and casual to flats and high heels. In addition, Ele Shoes & Accessories carries bags, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from national and local designers.
Alaina Fingal, Takisha Sanders, and Elizabeth Ellis opened the doors to Baggae Boutique this summer and offers full makeup and a small, but growing selection of clothing and a larger collection of amazing accessories and bags. 
As Kourtney and Armande made their way through the three boutiques, a pattern certainly seemed to emerge: These two young ladies love fashion! Dresses and pants, skirts and shirts, accessories and bags…nothing was off limits. As a burgeoning star in the music industry, Kourtney Heart describes her personal style as “relaxed, innovative, and edgy. It’s relaxed because I am a very comfortable dresser, innovative because I like to re-create all the time, and edgy because I can just have fun with the look,” she explained. “I like loose, sheer shirts and bold colors. Also, leather is my new thing. I’ve been on this leather tip and can’t wait to try it out for the fall and winter. High heels and lashes are the last parts of my outfit. They make my alter ego come out!”
So check out what Kourtney and Armande put together from a day of shopping IntheNOLA:

The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLOOK #1:

Loose, comfortable, and vintage, yet chic Beatles t-shirt with a cream blazer to add a professional twist and leather leggings to add edginess.

Blue and gray clutch and burgundy heels completed the look.


The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLOOK #2:

Gorgeous green dress that compliments Kourtney’s figure as well as complexion very well. The orange belt shows off her narrow waistline and is a lovely pop of color.

Gold charm bracelet, earrings, and heels went hand-in-hand because they added a royal appearance to the look.


The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLOOK 3:

Edgy leather tights, black shirt, and a body chain for more design. The leather bootie heels are also perfect for this “boss” type look. Black clutch with gold studs goes well with the look as a whole without clashing with the gold body chain. 


As you can see, Kourtney looks amazing! Thanks to all of the boutiques for taking a chance on fashion in New Orleans.

Like we said in the last Native’s Guide to Shopping, there’s no excuse to head to Metairie for Lakeside Mall when we got some great shopping right here in the city!

(Clothing courtesy of Fifteen22 Boutique. Shoes and bags courtesy of Ele Shoes and Accessories. Earrings, charm bracelet, and body chain courtesy of Baggage Boutique.)

Fifteen22 Boutique
1522 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-8885
Ele Shoes & Accessories
3316 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 309-8674
Baggage Boutique
3501 Tchoupitoulas
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 655-1491

Last modified on Tuesday, 06 November 2012

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