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The Native’s Guide to Shopping: Abeille NOLA

Written by
Abeille NOLA
8438 Oak St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 324-3488

There are some of us at the IntheNOLA offices who love to shop. And it doesn’t matter what…shopping for shoes, groceries, clothes, office supplies, or purses, if it means spending money, some of us are experts at that (to the boredom of our fearless leader).
Since we have so much expertise in the area of spending money, it’s only natural that we give you the inside scoop on exactly where to spend that money in our newest Native’s Guide to Shopping at Abeille NOLA on Oak St.

Oak St. is definitely not what it used to be. In fact, we don’t even remember stepping foot on Oak St. as young and curious New Orleanians. But the Oak St. of old is not anywhere near the Oak St. of today…shops, restaurants, bars, and even a festival all call this little narrow street home.  
Abeille (pronounced ah-BAY and meaning ‘bee’ in French) NOLA is one of those shops making their mark on Oak St. Owned and operated by local New Orleanian Meg O’Reilly, Abeille NOLA features women’s shoes, clothing, and accessories from designers such as BCBG and local favorite Jolie & Elizabeth.
We have three looks to show you with everything from Abeille NOLA, ranging from the sexy to the casual to the flirty. And while you’re at it, meet two of the ladies of IntheNOLA, Armande (stylist) and Heather (model).

The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLook #1: Can be worn in the daytime for multiple activities: shopping, having a casual lunch, or a walk in the park. For color and mix-n-match, an orange tunic with teal skinny jeans. Earrings, necklace, and ring with blues and greens to complement the orange and teal.

Highlighter yellow clutch to add a pop along with a belt that had spiked studs to add an edgy look to the ensemble while also directing attention to the waistline. Last, navy blue wedges to add to the palate of blues to complete the look.


The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLook #2: For the nightlife. White short-sleeved shirt with black collar for a “good girl” image coupled with a black, studded mini skirt. For accessories, minimalism was key. Silver dangling necklace to be worn under the collar, which added a little “cuteness” to the shirt while supplementing the schoolgirl image as well as silver dangling earrings.

Black round sunglasses for a chic, Jackie O. look and a pink wrapped bracelet for color. Black patent leather peep-toe pumps and an aqua alligator skin clutch completed the look.


The Native's Guide to Shopping | IntheNOLA.comLook #3: Fun and flirty. Fitted, charcoal mini dress countered with a colorful, loosely fringed vest. Because the mini dress could be considered a little too “risque”, the vest took it down a notch while remaining edgy.

Simple silver earrings so as not to distract from the vest with a long, beaded, turquoise, brown, and white necklace. Yellow clutch, owl ring, and green heels for a party-type look contrast with the hippy/gypsy look of the vest.


So when you’re looking for your next outfit, there’s no excuse to head to Metairie for Lakeside Mall when we got some great shopping right here in the city.
Be sure to visit Abeille NOLA on Oak St. Shop local!
For more information about Abeille NOLA, please visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Last modified on Thursday, 02 August 2012
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