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Louisiana SPCA hosts second annual ‘Brunch Fest’ at Crescent Park, March 25

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UPDATE: Brunch Fest has been moved to SUNDAY, APRIL 22 because of the inclement weather.

With last year’s event being wildly popular, The Louisiana SPCA, an organization that is very near and dear to our IntheNOLA hearts, is having their 2nd annual Brunch Fest to raise money for our four-legged, furry friends! And it promises to be bigger and better than last year!
“Brunch Fest combines some of New Orleans’ favorite things: brunching, cocktails, costumes, music, pets!” said Dean Howard, Development Director of the LA/SPCA. “Who doesn’t want to enjoy all of that on a beautiful day in a great location with friends?”

This year, Brunch Fest will make the move from New Orleans City Park to Crescent Park, a still rather new place for many New Orleanians. “We love the Crescent Park location.” Dean explained. “It’s a location that gives exposure to our animals, mission, and fundraising events in another part of the city. The park itself is still new to a lot of people, so we are thrilled that our supporters will be able see a beautiful part of New Orleans that they may not have enjoyed before. Plus the incredible view of the skyline and Mississippi is amazing to see!”

With General Admission for $5 and VIP Admission for $25, Brunch Fest will take place from 10:00am-3:00pm on Saturday, March 25. Enjoy food from restaurants, such as Apolline Restaurant, Curly Q Fry Company, Diva Dawg, Velvet Cactus, and Wakin’ Bakin’, just to name a few, and entertainment from Tuba Skinny, Secondhand Street Band, and Mother Tucker’s Drag Queen, Inc.
Frank Philips of Apolline Restaurant gave us a sneak peek of what they’ll be offering at Brunch Fest. “We will be serving two of our most popular brunch items!” he said. “First, we will have our delicious Cinnamon Bacon, which is four slices of flat bacon dredged in our secret cinnamon sugar rub, coated with crushed pecans and baked to perfection. Second, we’ll have our Smoked Pork Enchilada, which is hickory smoked pork shoulder rolled in a flour tortilla, accompanied with a house made San Marzano tomato sauce, fried egg, salsa verde, and pickled sweet peppers all served on a bed of stone ground speckled grits.”

Both Frank and Chef Matthew Farmer of Apolline Restaurant are big supporters of the LA/SPCA. “Chef Matt and I are both huge pet lovers!” noted Frank. “We know the importance of helping the LA/SPCA raise funds to ensure the well-being of the growing pet population and we are always more than thrilled to support every event they put on.” 

All proceeds from Brunch Fest will benefit the LA/SPCA and the myriad of programs and services they provide to the community. “All proceeds from the festivities benefit the 43,000+ owned and rescued animals we impact annually,” Dean added. “Supporting the event allows us to continue adopting and transporting 3,000+ animals annually, spaying/neutering nearly 9,000 each year, controlling animal overpopulation, impacting our youth education programs, aiding families and their pets in times of disaster, and truly advancing the overall well-being of our companion animals.”
If you’re coming to Brunch Fest (and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be!), come in your brunch-finest! “Last year, we had people dressing their pets and themselves as cocktails, bacon, and more brunch-style craziness,” laughed Dean. “Some of the creative hats and costumes blew us away last year. Even if you want to just come enjoy the Fest as you are, we will have great retail vendors, plenty of bars, a VIP area and, of course, dozens of rescue groups and animals ready for adoption.”
Dean concluded, “Grab your baes and besties and brunch!”
In support of Brunch Fest, IntheNOLA got together with some of our favorite New Orleanians to showcase their love and support for the LA/SPCA:

Chriss Knight and Lon Nichols (Pictured with Penelope at Apolline Restaurant)
On Their Pets: We have two cats and a guinea pig, who, over time, have developed nicknames that reflect their personalities.
Our cat Chloe (14 years old) also answers to “Babs”; she has gotten very sassy over the years and Babs just seems to fit. Our other cat Cue (10 years Old) is now “Cue T. Nichols” and you have to say the entire name because she’s always getting into something and it’s our way to let her know she is in trouble. But she’s still so cute! And then there is sweet Penelope (2 years old), our guinea pig. Penelope’s nickname is “Bugaboo” because she is like this little furry ball popping around and she is always so happy; she whistles when she sees us and she LOVES celery! We love our furry family and they make us smile every day!

On their favorite brunch restaurant: We always love brunch at Apolline Restaurant. You can never go wrong with any item on the menu, but make sure you order the cinnamon bacon; it’s delicious! The deluxe Bloody Mary is like brunch in a glass, and of course, we love the bottomless mimosas! 
On Brunch Fest: Chriss – I’m so excited to emcee Brunch Fest again this year! It’s always fun to spend the day with fellow animal-loving friends, enjoying a delicious brunch from great restaurants, listening to awesome live music, and knowing that we are having fun for a wonderful cause!

Terrance and Stephanie Osborne (Pictured with Sarah and Jango at The Velvet Cactus)
On their pets: Our dog Sarah is a Shih-poo and she is 12 years old. Our other dog Jango is a cocker spaniel and he is 9 years old. Jango is the sweetest pup; he likes to sit on your feet and he always greets you by grabbing with his teeth whatever is on the floor. Sarah is more of a diva; she doesn’t like to step in wet grass, would prefer to stay inside, and likes to be held. The moment you give Sarah any attention, Jango falls on top of her on his back so that you can rub his belly. 
On their favorite brunch restaurant: Our favorite place to have brunch is the Court of Two Sisters. Where else can you get grits, grillades, and king cake year ‘round?!
On Brunch Fest: We’re looking forward to seeing the costumes and tasting the delicious brunch dishes!

Charles and Fabiola Divins (Pictured with Foxie at Crescent Park)
On Foxie, their ‘adopted pet,’ for the photo shoot: Charles – To tell the truth, Foxie gives me a run for my money when it comes to my wife Fabiola’s attention and affection!
On their favorite brunch restaurant: Pork shoulder debris and poached eggs from Dante’s Kitchen! 

On Brunch Fest: The new location in Crescent Park is going to be stunning. It’s everything New Orleans: views of the river, the Crescent City Connection, and the skyline of downtown. We can’t wait!

Robin Barnes (Pictured at The Velvet Cactus)
On her favorite brunch restaurant: Shrimp and grits and the breakfast burrito at Surrey’s!
On Brunch Fest: Of course, I’m looking forward to the food, but I also can’t wait to see the adorable and cute puppies!

Thanks to all the models (human and non-human!), Apolline Restaurant, and The Velvet Cactus. And a very special thanks to Heather Ferdinand for coordinating it all and Jeff Gonzales for the beautiful photos!

WHAT: Louisiana SPCA’s Brunch Fest
WHEN: Saturday, April 22 (10:00am-3:00pm)
WHERE: Crescent Park


Last modified on Wednesday, 12 April 2017
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